“We’re a small, familial daycare.”

Our daycare Märliwält is a family run business in the city of Zurich that has the goal to convey and support family and work life at once.

We are a social institution, that is open for all kind of children and families no matter what social, cultural or religious background they got. Our main goal is to offer children their needed development opportunities to actively support and strengthen their growth. We’re encouraging social togetherness in a playful way.

We want to encourage, but not overburden, the children as much as possible.

"Children are allowed to be children"


Children are our main focus and we’re looking at each one of them, meaning that we’re supporting their individual resources and needs.

Kita Märliwält - Staffelstrasse 3 - 8045 Zürich

Wiedikon: 044 512 59 66

Oerlikon: 044 599 99 71

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