"Well prepared in the kindergarten"

The daycare Kita Märliwält takes part in the project "Well prepared in kindergarten", which is organized by the city of Zurich in cooperation with the University of Education St. Gallen.


Here, children who do not grow up at home with the German language and are not used to extra-familial care, are prepared for entering kindergarten. A competent specialist from the University of Education St. Gallen accompanies the child, the family and the caregiver responsible for the child in the day-care center.

In order to promote the foreign-language children in a targeted manner, the responsible specialist of the University of Education St. Gallen will train our staff through discussions and supervisions.

Every two weeks, this specialist comes to the Kita Märliwält, observes and accompanies the child for two hours in his day-to-day care. All the children and families will be benefited at the end from the experience gained of this project.

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